weaving community in
santa barbara & Goleta
the simple act of sharing a bike ride
pedal to the park
exercise your legs… exercise your spirit

Cycling Without Age is a worldwide movement that aims to provide joy and vitality to older adults through the magic of the bicycle.  Through the simple act of sharing a bike ride, it weaves a sense of community and gathers unique and invaluable stories, unlocked only by the wind and wheels.

Ride to the beach . . . Pedal to the Produce Stand . . . Cruise State Street . . . Spin through the neighborhood.

Exercise you heart . . . Exercise your legs . . . Exercise your spirit.

Come ride with us.

cycling stories.

CWA logo
“I haven’t seen my mom smile like that in a long, long time . . .
Thank you.”


“No other program we do, benefits our residents, their families, our caregivers, and our neighborhood like CWASB does.
Nothing else comes close.”

 “What do you want to do for your 101st birthday, Gladys?”
“May I go for a bicycle ride?”

come ride with us!